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We are a domain names provider and a web site developer company. We help companies with anything websites related. Everybody needs a website. Espcially to start up business. We'll you build with your website, maintain and update. We'll be along your side all the way. you can ask us about anything website related

We'll you build with your website, maintain and update. We'll be along your side all the way. website is a very important part of your business. It's the first way into your business and the first thing that customers would ask or search for. We understant the important of having a website and first impression to your business is important. The goal is to convert the views to a sale. some statistic in percent of pageviews are converted to sales. Without a website, or a stunning website your is missing out on those converted sales. You need a website. We can help you from planning, gathering videos, images, maintaining.... checkout what we have. --> link to components or services. then the components or services link to prices or how to sign up. then link to prices or how to sign up link to contact us. the get started goes to select components, select domain, select templates, etc.. anything related to getting started to the cost. get started assume the person is ready and has all the information they need to start their web site, like domains, templates, they know the cost, and so on.

Professional Web Development

Web site developed to specific requirements and needs.


What we have

Web Development

Professional Web Developer

Each web site is built and developed specific to requirements and to business needs. Codinera.Net will help you from planning to gathering all of the necessary requirements.

Domain Names

Domain Names Provider

Codinera.Net is a domain names provider. Use our online store to search, buy and manage your domains.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

IT Consulting Short Description. Meet in office to talk about how IT can help grow your business. Ask as questions via email and when you're ready, come with us.

Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Each web site is built and based on SEO protocols.